Bunny’s my best friend. Some people think that’s weird because he’s a bunny and I’m a baby. They’re all like,

‘Hey B. Wouldn’t you prefer to hang out with another real kid?’

And I’m like. ‘No way man.’

You see the thing with other babies is the moment a game starts getting interesting – like you’ve got hold of each other’s hair or you’re grabbing their ear or something – all the adults start panicking and flapping like,

‘GENTLE babies. Remember your GENTLE hands.’

And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? This isn’t a GENTLE kind of game.’

But Bunny can hack it. With Bunny you can play rough. You can squeeze him, poke him, pull his ears, chew his nose and no one ever says ‘gentle’ once.

And then the best thing is Bunny always still loves you and hangs around for a cuddle at the end.


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